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Brooke | Colton {Wagon Wheel Acres - Arkansas Wedding}

I know I have said this before, but theres something about LOVE that makes a picture really speak one thousand words. Every. Single. One. Of Brooke and Colton's images are 'those kind' of pictures! They're so in love and it's busting at the seams! I have know Brooke... well... most of my life! We were besties-times-one-million in Pre-School and stayed connected all the way though High School! She's always been the most hilarious and genuine person ever! I met her husband Colton at their engagement session and knew immediately that they were a perfect match! I left their engagement session extremely pumped for their wedding day becuase of how stinkin' photogenic they were! Brooke's wedding was so unique! When you think 'barn wedding' you definately dont think about blue/white ceramic Delftware, peaches, glitter dipped feathers and mercury glass but I'm here to testify that it was all things PERFECTION. They totally pulled it off! Their flowers were creamy-white, peaches, and corals with a splash of navy blue against the bridesmaids dresses. It was classy, spunky and totally BROOKE! We had such a fun time with Brooke and Colton! We are always sad when weddings are over becusae that means we propbaby won't see our couple again until they book us again, which most do! (...and it makes us have that warm-fuzzy feeling inside!) Kathryn and I wish Brooke and Colton so much happiness, a ton of adventures and everything their heart desires! We can't wait to watch their big love grow even bigger!!! Congrats B+C

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