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Kate | Kyle {Hot Springs, Arkansas}

This wedding... I dont even know where to start! Kate and Kyle are from Mississippi and contacted us a little over one year ago, booked us for their wedding and wanted to meet us in Hot Springs for their engagement session! If you're wondering why in the world they decided to get married in Arkansas, youre not alone! We were wondering the same thing! Kate and Kyle visited Hot Springs prior to their engagament session and absolutely fell in love... I mean, honestly how could you not!? They immediately knew that this was where they were getting married! Now, how did they find us?! GOOGLE! Kate said she just Googled 'Arkansas Wedding Photogrphers' and searched until she found a style she liked... and fortunate for us, these two are incredibly photogenic and SUPER SUPER sweet! ...and SO in love! We are still honored that we had a chance to meet these two and be able to shoot their wedding day! Now. Let's get to it. Kate's dress, specifically. You're going to pass out when you see it! This is an all-time-favorite of ours... and thats pretty darn hard to beat! Kathryn was in the dressing room photographing Kate slipping into her dress and she waslked out, found me and said "Lance, you're seriously about to die when you see her..." and I did. Literally, my breath was gone! You'll just have to see for yourself.

We are so so SO happy for Kate and Kyle! We know that this cat lovin' couple has such a bright future together and we cant wait to see where life takes them! They will be going to Spain for their Honeymoon and backpacking two hundred... yes, 200... MILES across Spain! I don't think I could even backpack down my driveway! Again, we love these two and wish them the absolute best... becasue if anyone deserves it, they do! Congrats K+K!

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