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Cusp of Spring - {Boho Chic - Part 2}

We had so much fun with out Cusp of Spring styled shoot! We decided to take it just one step further and use another FABULOUS dress from Danielle's Bridal and have fun channeling our inner boho bride! This boho fashion trend is bringing back vintage styles for the modern era. When we think of a boho chic bride, we think all things organic, colorful and folk-inspired but with a modern twist of jewlery and fashion-forward gown. This tends to be super untraditional, but it's extremely captivating and we love love love 'different'.

You will understand more in the pictures below. We actually had another dress picked out for this portion of the shoot, but when I saw this dress we shifted gears as fast as possible and ran with it! We loved the detail of the crochet lace contrasting with the silver and turquoise stone embellishments... something about it just screamed at us! Then we noticed it was a two piece crop-top and almost passed out! We think everyone should consider doing something different and out of the box on their weddings day! Why be the cookie-cutter bride when you can be YOU? It's your dress and your wedding day... not your grandmaws! I mean, lets at least get a cool reception dress, right?!

Model: Lakyn Phillips, Brink Model Management Dresses: Danielle's Bridal, Clarksville AR

Flowers: Cathy's Flowers, Russellville AR

Floral Design: Lance Shingleur, Shingleur Photography Set Design: Lance and Kathryn Shingleur, Shingleur Photography

Furry Model: Kevin the Rabbit, provided by Jordan Webb

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