When you book any session with us, you will have the option to add on the "style inspiration package" package to your session. The right outfits can make or break a session! Why spend so much money on a photo session and then end up hating your photos because you hate what you're wearing? It's happened to me before, so I don't want it to happen to our clients! 

When you purchase this add on, I will send you a link to this webpage, you'll click your name and find a private styling guide just for you! Your personalized style guide page contains links to actual websites to purchase and order the clothes if you desire, OR you can use the style guide as inspiration to help get you started on what look you're wanting to go for with pieces from your own closet!

Please remember, that everyone's style is unique, so you might not be crazy about any of the looks I've chosen for you and your family, and that's just the nature of the beast. However, when I submit the style guide to you, that is the only one that I will be able to submit. If you would like a whole new guide, you'll have to pay for another one. IF you like most of the pieces but would like a few different options or something similar to what's pictured, but can't find it, please let me know and I will try my best to help!