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DANIELLE + BRIDALS {Arkansas State Capitol - Little Rock, AR}

Danielle. The girl who makes you laugh. The one who is going to speak her mind. Definitely the girl who came for a good time. Danielle is the person who can see the positive in every situation and make the best out of anything. These are all reasons why we love her so much! When Danielle booked us to document her wedding journey, we were immediately soooo excited. We went to school with her and have always been friends! You know, those kinds of friends who never ever... EVER... talk, but when you connect again it's like you never missed a beat - the BEST kind of friends. So from the beginning we knew we were in for a wild ride and couldn't wait to get Danielle + Lance in front of the camera! Danielle wore the most stunning gown and it was such a delight to photograph her bridals at The State Capitol. It was the perfect venue to show off the elegance of her gown and it's romance that's so easily photographed. To our surprise, the rows of Tulip trees were in full bloom and a vision like this would make any photographers heart stop for at least 4 seconds. It was the perfect compliment to such a beautiful bride!!!! So, enough chit-chat. Lets show of how gorgeous Danielle is! CONGRATS D+L! Happy Tuesday!

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