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Megan + Nathaniel {Subiaco Academy - Arkansas Engagement}

Well, say hello to the sweetest two people you'll ever come across! Megan + Nathaniel decided to meet us at Subiaco Academy (which is GORGEOUS year round) for their engagement session and it really could not have been more perfect! While driving out to the Abbey, it started pouring rain! So, when you're already 30-40 minutes on the road, do you turn around or just hope and pray that the rain stops? You keep driving, duh!!! We arrived after church on a Sunday and it was sprinkling and doing things all photographers hate. BUT, every good photographer knows how to make the absolute best of every situation and that's exactly what we did! I couldn't be too upset especially with a couple gorgeous sequin dresses Megan chose to wear! That instantly made everything better! Despite the spotty rain and the big ole rain clouds, we go some incredible pictures of two incredible people and we are so excited to share them with you today! Megan + Nathaniel are planning a gorgeous October wedding at Goodwin Manor in Little Rock, AR and we already know that it will be absolutely off the charts!!! Show these two some love! CONGRATS M+N!

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