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Kortlind + Jared | Arkansas Engagement

We are total geeks when it comes to talking about love and happiness and we are glad we get to do just that on a regular basis... like everyday. It never gets old to us becasue we meet so many people who are genuinly in love. There's always something fresh about the love between two people during an engagement session. What's even better is seeing how much more in love the same couple is on their wedding day! When it comes to Kortlind and Jared, I'm not sure how they could possibly be more in love than they already are! We had such a great time with these two and are so excited to share images from their engagement session! We met downtown in Conway, AR and shot around for a while. The frist think that Kortlind said was something like, "Go easy on Jared! He has a crick in his neck!" and boy did he ever! We felt so sorry for him! A lot of our posing has to do with the way your head is turned vs. the way your body is positioned. He definately got a good stretch in his neck that day! The day after their session, Kortlind texted me to let me know that the doctor said it was actually a pinched nerve in his neck! Um, OUCH! After learning that, we all felt bad for calling him "ole stiff neck"! After we finished up Downtown Conway, we then drove out to the most perfect little park that Kortlind found when she went location scoping! We have done some breif planning with Kortlind concerning her Bridal Session and we are already so extremely excited. It's going to pull on your heart strings and be a perfect representation of who Kortlind is! CAN'T. WAIT. Their May wedding can't get her soon enough and we are thirlled to be working with these two love birds! Congrats K+J!

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