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Photographers on a Wedding day

There are a lot of opinions about what a hired photographer should be doing on the client's wedding day, but from our experience, this is what's most important! 1. Let's start with the basics. What should your photographer be wearing? I know this sounds kind of silly, but honestly, we think it matters! I've seen it ALL! Before I was a full time photographer, I worked at one of Arkansas top wedding florist as a designer and I've seen it all! Not even kidding, I saw a photographer wearing an oversized sweathirt, leggings and those rubber Old Navy flip flops. Can we scream TACKY AND UNPROFESSIONAL any louder?! The Photographer spends the majority of the wedding day one-on-one with the bride and groom, bridal party and the Bride and Groom's family. With this said, they need to be wearing something that is professional, event appropriate, trendy and they might even try to coordiante with the wedding colors! Kathryn and I typically wear neutrals that are classy and not attention grabbing. Color, like a dark wine or navy, is never a bad option, but definately keep it dark and neutral! We aren't the center of attention and don't want to be! (Kat is going to totally kill me for these next three pictures, but she never takes pictures of me on the wedding day, soooo...)

2. Secondly, the photographer you hire should arrive on time! Along with this, you should know what time your photographer is planning to leave so you can have ALL of your planned events caught on camera! We send our brides a full wedding day timeline that includes everything from our arrival, first look, bridal party, family formals, ceremony, reception and everything in between that is all the things that make every wedding unique and special! If you see that your photographer is running out of purchased time, you might even consider doing a 'fake exit' if your planning something fun with sparklers, confetti or rose petals! That definately needs to be on camera! It's so important to know these things about your photographer and we believe that this is a major role of a photographer on your wedding day!

3. We are the brides left and right arm on her wedding day! We are at their every beckoning call all day long! If a bridesmaids bouquet falls apart, I'm there to rebuild it! If a button pops off a dress, Kathryn resews it! (YES. Both of these instances have happened before. Several times.) If your wedding flowers are delivered and you absolutely hate them, Kathryn takes over as First Shooter, and I have been known to rebuild all the florals within just a couple of minutes! We have done this so many times! Being an experienced florist for almost seven years has really paid off! Your photographer needs to be well rounded, knowledgeable about weddings, and overall willing to do literally anything! AND YES, I've even given the bride a haircut!!!! We've literally done it all! Nothing surprises us anymore!

4. Lastly, your photog should be a quick thinker. During a wedding day there are a TON of 'Make It Work' moments and you have to be quick on your feet! Time after time we have had to just go with our gut with certain situations. Your photographer needs to know their camera, instinctivly know the best light and be able to quickly adapt to any situation without hesitation! We have been to weddings and watched photographers fumble around with their camera and miss extremely sweet moments that could have really been special for the bride to have! We aren't saying we are perfect by any means, but we do what we can to make each second count! Most importantly, your photographer(s) need to approach EVERY situation with a positive attitude. This is definately trying at times, but we believe there isn't any situation in which we cannot see a silver lining. Weddings are stressful, so your photographer shouldn't make it worse by being a "Debbie Downer". 5. Overall, find a photographer that best suits you and your style! Find a team that works well together! Hire a photographer that has a great portfolio of which you love their work and are willing to share your day with them! Remember, your wedding day will only happen once, and the memories are in the hands on the photographer! Us photogs have a big job to fill on wedding days, and we take it very seriously! Get ready for tomorrows blog: "Central Arkansas Vendor Dream Team"! This includes venues, DJ's, Caterers, florists and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

(And this image just because Haley was flawless on her wedding day! *SWOON*)

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