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Haley | Jake {The Royal Ridge Barn | Royal, Arkansas - Wedding Day}

It was one of the cloudiest days we have seen all year. It was cold. It was dark. It's porbably not what Haley and Jake had in mind for their Fall wedding. Everyone says 'cloudy days make for the best pictures' and they're not necessarily wrong, but you really have to know what your doing wiht your camera when you're shooting a day as cloudy as this one! I kept humming 'I've got sunshine on a coudy day...' and everyone kept high spirits and we started shooting as planned! We got though the first look, bridal party, family formals and detail shots and the most miraculaous thing happened! The skies split open the most gorgeous sunset sky you have ever seen blanketed The Royal Ridge and we had the most gorgeous backgrop for the rest of the evening. When I looked outside and saw the buttery light making everything glow I thnk we all got chills! It was really a magical moment! Haley and Jake deserve nothing but the best and thats what was delievered! The perfect weather, perfect sunset, perfect couple and an all around perfectly flawless day! Kathryn and I were honored to work with these two and we know that they have a incredibly bright future in front of them. If the way they skies split open to reveal the most breathtaking is foreshadowing their lifetime together, we are excited to see how bright they shine!


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