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Hannah | Spencer {Star City, Arkansas - Wedding Day}

We have seen beautiful weddings... and there is Hannah and Spencer's wedding. They took beauty to a whole other level.

With 100% chance of rain all week long, we had back-up plan after back-up plan, but nothing was going to stop them from getting married outside! That's one determinded bride! Gorgeous white tents adorned the lawn of Hannah's parents estate, and the lovely couple was married under a spectacular outdoor chimney that was billowing with flowers. The natural design of the wedding was absolutely captivating and subtle accents of lavender, soft pinks and gorgeous greenery set this wedding apart from any other. The attention to detail was mind blowing. This wedding even had a signature scent. Yes, yes you read that correctly... a signature scent. A smell. Like, who does that?! Hannah does. Pumpkin flavored cake, a 'farm to table' buffet, homeade buscuits that melted in your mouth and natual greenery garlands that hung from the ceiling of the reception tent are just a few major details that really took this recpetion to the next level. Southern class was dripping everywhere. Oh, and the tablescapes... TO. DIE. FOR. We love a good mix of patterns and the damask linens against the lavender striped hand cloths hold a special place in our hearts! Not to mention the place settings- I think you'll understand more when you see these pictures! Hannah and Spencer are literally the sweetest couple you will ever come across. They're funny, caring and totally in love with eachother. They are lovers of people, and you could tell by the number of guests on their big day. Does 'standing room only' say anything? We were weren't expecting anything less. We know that these two have the biggest and brightest future ahead of them, and we are excited to document the very beginning of it all!

Brace yourself for the most gorgeous wedding ever. Literally, ever.

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