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Chelsea | Ashton {Eureka Springs, AR - Wedding Day}

We always say that we love LOVE, and this wedding was totally filled with just that! Chelsea contacted us back in June looking to book us for their intimate wedding ceremony in Eureka Springs. Her and her fiance, Ashton, are from Nebraska and stumbled upon us and we are so glad they did. These two are literally the sweetest. We decided to meet at The Crecent Hotel in Eureka Springs about 45 minutes before the ceremony. There, Chelsea and Ashton had the most precious first look. There is a beautiful antique and rusted water fountian on the property of The Crescent. I told Chelsea to meet me there and when I arrived she was there waiting in her gorgeous gown. Anticipating the first look with Ashton, I could tell she was about to bust at the seams with excitement! I took her behind a tree to hide as Ashton made his way to the fountian courtyard. We had Ashton turn his back to Chelsea and that's when the magic happened. We will let the pictrues tell the rest of the story. We truly enjoy meeting several couples on a week-to-week basis. Chelsea and Ashton are the two most loving people we have met. They really are a beautiful pair. We were so honored to photogrpah this Nebraska kind of love and it's a day we will never forget! CONGRATS C+A!

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