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Brittany | Michael {Garvan Gardens - Hot Springs, AR | Royal Ridge Barn - Royal, AR}

You just can't go wrong with gold, silver and subtle touches of pink. It's become a classic wedding look. Our guess is that these colors will stay on trend for many years to come. Take those colors and add two gorgeous venues and you have everything it takes for a perfect wedding. Brittany and Michael tied the knot at the Anthony Chapel at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. This glass chapel always delivers gorgeous light. We moved from there to the reception at Royal Ridge Barn in Royal, AR. This wedding barn is SO pretty day and night! It's the perfect spot for a classy reception, and the reception decor was FABULOUS. We had never met Brittany or Michael since they live in Texas. We rarely show up to weddings not knowing the bride and groom. When we walked into the bridal suite, Brittany ran up to us and gave us hugs like we had known eachother all our lives and from that moment, the whole day was bliss! When you email back and forth SO much nailing down wedding day details, you really can grow to learn a person and that was the case with Brittany! She was instantly a friend! Their flowers were gorgeous. Her dress was flawless. The bridal party was perfection. The decorations we so on point. There was nothing wrong about this day, and these two totally deserved the absolute best! We are so excited to watch Brittany and Michael's future unravel together! They're so sweet and we know they will do great things together! CONGRATS B+M!

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