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Sarah | Aaron {First United Methodist Church | Russellville, AR}

We were so excited for Sarah and Aaron's wedding from the moment we recieved Sarah's initial email wanting to book with us! She was so sweet and we could totally tell her personality was awesome just from emailing back and forth! (And it's true... she's SO sweet!)

We are firm believers that God has a, sometimes humerous, way of putting people in our lives that become long term friends. When we booked with Sarah and Aaron, we had no idea that Aaron would be hired as Kathryn's new partner teacher at the school they both (now) teach at AND have classrooms right next door to eachother. It's always a just a little bit more fun shooting a firends wedding than total strangers, so that honestly worked out perfectly! Kat is loving teaching along side Aaron this year! They make a great team!

Sarah and Aaron had the most fabulous Fall wedding at their home church. Every sidewalk was mounded with thousands of pumpkins of every size. Of course, the church sells the pumpkins every year for fundraiser, but hey... we can pretned they were there JUST for wedding decor, right?! I did! Fall mums, corn stalks, wheelbarrows, and the cutest scarecrows you ever did see were there to greet you as you walked up to this massive and breathtaking church. PERFECTION. They had gorgeous fall flowers accented with navy blue and it was just enough of a pop of color! You'll see!

We are so excited for Sarah and Aaron to start this new chapter in their lives together! They are one incredible couple and absolutey perfect for eachother! We had such an incredible time meeting their families and working along side them on thier big day! We know these two are wolrd changers and we are exicted to sit back and watch! Congrats S+A!

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