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Senior photos are meant to show a client's personality through the locations we choose as well as through their outfit choices. I've selected two complete outfits one that is more of a dressy/casual look and one that is more comfortable/casual.

The "dressier" or "put together" look includes a button up long-sleeved patterned shirt that could be worn alone or even unbuttoned over the orange v-neck t-shirt. The t-shirt could also be worn alone without the button up. Casual jeans or even colored kakis and dressy tennis shoes would complete this look.

Next, I've paired some straight legged and fitted gray khaki shorts with a casual sandal like Chacos with a graphic t-shirt of some kind. This look could easliy be changed to include a school or senior t-shirt as well. 

Both looks would be great in many different types of locations and could easily be put together from your own closet or from any store. 

Just click on each picture and it will take you to the site that I found it from so you can see more details about each piece as well as see similar alternates. 


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