Your Bridal Story 

Some brides think that bridal sessions are an unessesary expense. We can totally see why some would think that a "getting dressed up in your favorite dress of all time that you only get to wear once-having someone do your make up for you-fix your hair any way you want-carry you around all day session" is a waste. Ok, let's be realistic. It's every girl's dream come true. Even if you don't know it is something you would enjoy, believe us you will change your mind by the end of the day. 

We encourage brides to have a bridal session because it a great way to test out those 5 inch heels that you will be donning for 12 hours on the day you see your groom. It's a great time to test out your favorite hairstyle and make up for the day of. Plus it makes a for a great "girl's day". Most of all, it's a day that really makes you realize that "HEY! I'm getting married!" 

Be prepared to get pampered and carried around all hour long by Shingleur Photography. We usually always bring a white sheet to outdoor sessions to take EXTRA  care of your dress, and we have even been known to apply lipgloss when needed. Bridal sessions are for FUN, and they all turn out that way! 

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